Print List Archiving

When i see job log for print list link, i am getting messgae as
Print list size exceeds 2 GB limit in spool system.
How to reduce the size of print list.


Hi Soyab,
The note does exist:
Symptom Before you use RSBCS_REORG: After you implement this note, you must also implement Note 1003894 (RSBCS_REORG: Corrections).
You need to reorganize the data relevant to the sending of documents or the use of SAPoffice/Business Workplace.
Send requests, which are displayed using transaction SOST, are no longer required and should be deleted.
The related tables (SOOD, SOOS, SOC3, SOFFCONT1, BCST_SR, BCST_CAM and so on) are increasing over time. Part of the data is not required and should be deleted.
Other terms
Reorganization, SBWP, SOST, send request, RSBCS_REORG
Reason and Prerequisites
You could do the reorganization previously using the RSCBCSRE03 report. Depending on the volume of data and release level, you must also start the RSSORE00 report. These reports do not perform this task, however, because they
have too few selection criteria
release dependent references mutually and therefore, may need to be started several times in turn to delete all data.
issue too little information relating to deleted and non-deleted data.
This note is valid for releases as of Release SAP_BASIS 620. Note 922565 is valid for Release SAP_BASIS 4.6C.
This note includes a new report RSBCS_REORG, which includes all of the functions of RSBCSRE03 (and those of the reports RSBCSRE00, RSBCSRE01, RSBCSRE02 that are called) as well as those of report RSSORE00. All of these reports have become obsolete due to report RSBCS_REORG, and should no longer be used. Reports RSSORE01 and RSSORE02 are also obsolete.
Due to the very extensive corrections, we recommend that you import the relevant Support Package to use the report.
You can also implement the corrections using Note Assistant 2.0, that is, for SAP_BASIS 620 as of SAPKB62055, and for SAP_BASIS 640 as of SAPKB64013, as well as for higher release levels. This new solution is not provided for lower Support Package levels, for which reports RSBCSRE03 und RSSORE00 must still be used. The reason for this is that you must create several new classes that will be used by RSBCS_REORG. Therefore, it is also not sufficient to create the report manually.
You are also restricted when you use the report with Note Assistant due to missing texts that should have been translated (several texts are only available in English).
For more information about the use of the report and reorganization in the Business Communication Services area, see the related notes.
Read this information carefully, because deleted data cannot be restored!
The report RSBCS_REORG always assumes that a document is to be deleted, since send requests can only be deleted if the related document is deletable.
The report reads all the main documents that fulfill the selection criteria, and checks if these and possibly related send requests can be deleted. If the checks show that no uses exist, all related data will be deleted. In the output of the report, the number of selected and deleted (and to be deleted) documents are output.
The setting options in the selection screen are described below.
Reorganization mode
      Here you can set which documents are to be reorganized: Documents for which send requests exist, or documents for which no send requests exist. Both options are selected by default, which corresponds to the behavior of the report RSBCSRE03 as of Release SAP_BASIS 640.  We recommend this setting because it is the best setting for selecting the data. If only documents without send requests are to be reorganized, this corresponds to the behavior of report RSSORE00. If none of the fields are selected, nothing is deleted.
Selection period
          o Specify creation date
            If this field is selected, you can specify the creation date of the documents in the fields below.
          o Specify age in days
            If this field is selected, two other fields are displayed in which you can specify the age of documents relative to the actual date. The system determines the related creation date during runtime (or by choosing <ENTER>). If you double-click an input field, you can (as with all selection options) choose free selections. With the setting "Larger", for example, you can select "Delete documents that are older than 90 days".
Further restriction of choice
      By choosing "Document data" and "Send requests", you can restrict the selection further.
          o Document class, object year, object number
            These correspond to the ID of the document on the database (table SOOD). A document can be clearly identified in this way. The object year is a number, which begins in 1975 with 0 Therefore, object year 30 is the year 2005. You can find values for the fields mentioned above in transaction SOST (for example), by choosing 'Details' for a send request. Note that you can create main documents only. The definition of attachments is also created in the SOOD. However, documents are only deleted together with the respective main document.
          o Address type and status code
            Note that these attributes are recipient-dependent. If values are entered in these fields, a document may not be deleted if more recipients with other values still exist.
          o Expired send requests
            If the field "Only expired send requests" is selected, only documents whose related send requests have an expired expiry date or documents that have been selected explicitly for deletion are deleted. Send requests without an expiry date are not deleted.
          o Maximum number of hits
            The maximum number of hits can limit the runtime. Note that the data is not read in a sorted manner from the database, so that not only the oldest documents are created if the maximum number of hits is restricted. The maximum number of hits corresponds to the selected and not the deleted documents. In principal, we recommend that you restrict the maximum number of hits using the selection period.
          o Packet size
            The packet size determines the number of data records that can be read, checked and deleted by the database at one time. In the productive run, a database commit occurs after each packet. An increase in the packet size can produce an increase in performance, whereby more working memory is also required however. Depending on the volume of data and the database system used, small values can also lead to better performance.
          o Detailed output
            If you set the "Detailed Output" option, more details related to the selected documents are displayed. If the field is selected, the number of documents to be deleted per year is output. Furthermore,  the number of documents per year that cannot be deleted for certain reasons is output. You can display a list of the respective documents by double-clicking in the online run. If you double-click a document in this list, all uses for this document are displayed.
          o Test mode
            If the "Test mode" field is selected, no database changes are carried out, but the entries to be deleted are counted and output. All specified counters are approximate values in the test mode, and since no deletions are carried out, the values can deviate from those of the productive run. Furthermore, several entries cannot be created in the test mode (for example, how many address references or Knowledge Provider documents are to be deleted).
There is a problem with system performance.
As with the preceding reports, we recommend that you regularly schedule the report RSBCS_REORG as a background job. If a large amount of data has accumulated, you can expect a correspondingly long runtime.
Packet size
      As already aforementioned, the setting of the packet size can produce an improvement in the runtime, whereby no general rule can be given here. The default value of 500 has proved to the best on average during tests on different systems with different databases.
Database indices
      The main selection of data occurs in table SOOD. The selection options under "Selection period" and "Document data" correspond directly to fields of this table. The database index DAT for field SOOD-MANDT and SOOD-CRDAT are therefore delivered with the Support Package related to this note. Since the date is the most important selection option, you should create this index manually, and activate it when you implement the corrections using Note Assistant.
Database statistics
      These statistics should be current when the report is running. This is valid at least for the following tables:
Header Data
Release Status:     Released for Customer
Released on:     05.06.2007  07:49:11
Priority:     Correction with low priority
Category:     Program error
Primary Component:     BC-SRV-COM Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony
Affected Releases
Correction delivered in Support Package
Corrections Instructions
Type *)
07.11.2006  08:32:58
07.11.2006  08:35:45
*) C Korrektur, B Vorarbeit, A Nacharbeit, M noch nicht bestimmte Arbeit
Related Notes
     1089838 - Deleting BCST_CAM entries
     1071387 - Several entries in the tables SOCX and SOCY
     1003894 - RSBCS_REORG: Corrections
     988057 - Reorganization - Information
     922565 - Reorganisation - New report (4.6C)
     569123 - Reorganizing documents from generic object services
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Causes - Side effects
The following SAP Notes correct this Note / Patch

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