Prevent repositioning text elements in an editable PDF in Adobe Reader?

I've made a business card using editable text fields using Tools > Content > Add or Edit Text Box. To make it possible for my client to update the text fields the PDF are saved using File > Save as > Render Extended PDF > Enable Additional Features. Ok, so now when the client opens the business card in Adobe Reader (not Acrobat Pro) to fill out some new information for a new employee for instance they just click each text to fill out some new info. So far so good. But I noticed that it's also possible to move around those editable textfields within Adobe Reader which I really don't want! How can I look them in place preventing the client to move around them?


Thanks for your quick respond!
I'm trying to edit the "Security Method" in the "Security" tab with no luck. It says "You cannot change security on this document because the document is signed or certified". At the bottom of the security tab following information is displayed "* This document restricts some Acrobat features to allow for extended features in Adobe Reader. To create a copy of the document that is not restricted (and has no extended features in Adobe Reader), choose File > Save as Copy. I tried this but still don't have it working.
First, what security method do I need to set it to? I can see the option Filling of form fields - Not allowed * but is not allowed to select any Security method at all?