Powershell script for deleting sitecollection and its content db

 want to know whether any powershell script is avlble for deleting the sitecollection and its content db at oneshot!
i have created sitecollection specific content db and i wanna delete the same.


Below link will help to delete site collection
Somnath Matere

Is it possible to recover a deleted folder and its contents as opposed to an individual file?

When I turned on my computer today, a folder located on my desktop is no longer there.  Astounded I could have accidentally deleted it, the folder having been trashed is the only illogical logical possibility I can think of - and is a first for me in

Deleting directory and its contents recursively

File clearDir = new File(dirname); String farr [] = clearDir.list(); for(int i = 0 ; i<farr.length; i++){ new File(farr).delete(); new File(dirname).delete(); above code only deletes directory files and directory. say if the there are some other dire

Help me Friends - How to Delete a Folder and its contents in java

Hi Friends I want to delete a folder and its contents by passing the folderpath. Can any one help me in this.. Thanks in Advance Regards Krishna* Delete a directory including all of its content. * @param directory Directory path to delete. public sta

PowerShell: Script to delete files older than X days

Hi All, I am testing a script to delete files and I have it written down in my notepad as below: $foldername = $args[0] $maxage =      $args[1] gci $foldername | Where-object {($_-is [io.fileinfo]) -and ($_.lastwritetime -lt (get-date).AddDays(-$maxa

Is it possible to sign the transport and its content?

Hey Everyone,        Is it possible to sign the transport and its content when I release transport? So that when a particular transport is imported into destination system we can say with certainty that transport is not tempered with? I am more worri

How to create new .dat file and its contents?

Hi There Can anybody let me know the procedure of how to create new .ctl or .dat file to load data to tables. i working on 2day dba chapter 8. it shows me how to creat table and use .dat file to load data. but doesnot giv any clue how new .dat file a

PSE9: How do I move/copy an Album and its contents from my PC to my laptop?

I am using Windows 7 and PSE 9 on my PC and want to get a copy of the album and its contents to my Vista laptop running PSE 9 without changing anything on the source PC. Anyone know how to do this? I know I can move the files through Windows Explorer

Powershell Script for Exchange- Storagelimitstatus wont return any data.

I am trying to run the following script using PowerGUI and its working but one piece. The storagelimitstatus isn't returning any data. Any impute would great. Here is what I wrote.  If (-not (Get-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E201

Java scripting for header,footer and combine PDF as package

Hi All, 1.How to add header and footer using scripting. 2.How can i combine 5 pdf files in to one pdf as PDF file package using Java Scripting. Thanks Mohamed IdrisHi Lenonard, Thanks for your reply, I am refering JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference

Logic for Activity Qty and its unit of meas for external network activity,

Hi, For external network activity, controlling key PS02. I want to read Activity Qty and its unit of measure. Is there any function module or Bapi for this or any selection table logic? I have tried BAPI_PROJECT_GETINFO and BAPI_NETWORK_GETDETAIL but

Table for TDS sections and its description

Hi, Is there any table where both TDS section and its description is getting stored? If this is possible can we relate the same to Vendor through any link? Thanks & Regards, TapanHI J_1ITDSSEC is the table for TDS section and description. TDS section

Script for deleting objects on pasteboard

Anyone have a script that deletes all objects and text outside the page (or margins)?Unfortunately in my Indi CS6 any pasteboard and spread item is "instance of spread". So i consider geometrical bounds: myDocument = app.activeDocument cur_Ruler

SAP Scripts for Stock Removal and Stock Placement ?

Hi All,   Can you please let me know what are the SAP script names and Transaction codes for  Stock Removal and Stock Placements ? Thanks, RajHi Tcode is MIGO only (select Goods receipt) and mvt type as Putaway (305, 315, and so on) Stock removal (30

I can't get into my mail without being asked for my password and its stored in keychain and not having trouble on any other device except my macbook

I have been having trouble signing on for several days to my email accounts. Everytime it asks for my password and the keychain box pops up. I retype it and it returns. I even went under mail preferences and changed it and it will not let me on. I ha

Powershell script for pinging computers from a text file and displaying output with ip address

i am currently using the following script to display the computers that are pinging, i also want the script to display the ipaddress along with the results but the results are displayed not properly, i want the result to be displayed in a table or li

If I delete a folder from my MacBook Air after backing my computer up with TimeMachine, will the folder and its contents stay on the external drive the next time I back up my computer?

It's my understanding that TimeMachine intelligently backups computer system onto an external hard drive and keeps the backup up to date. Currently my MacBook Air is almost out of memory, so I was hoping to move all of my pictures and music to an ext

[Oracle 11g] Store filename as VARCHAR2 and its content as XMLType

Hi all, The version of Oracle used is I would like to load a XML file into a table from AIX with a Shell script. Here is the test case table: ALTER  TABLE mytable DROP PRIMARY KEY CASCADE; DROP   TABLE mytable CASCADE CONSTRAINTS; CREATE

How to resize a document and its contents?

I'm having some trouble resizing a single page, and a single part of that page, on my document. First the details: My page dimensions are 800 x 1200. On top of that black background, there's textured layer measuring 760 x 130 at the top (for website'

Script for deleting a pattern by name

I want to delete a pattern by using its name.Thank so much for your prompt reply. I am using Photoshop CS3 and i have converted this code to VB.Net, but i am getting error on below line theNames(cnt) = patternNames.getString(cnt). Error Message : Gen