Postings for account type M ( posting key 99 ) are not defined

I am trying to post vendor credit memo KG through FB01 using posting key 21 - Debit Vendor and posting key 99 - Credit Material.
I am getting the error "Postings for account type M ( posting key 99 ) are not defined Message F5204".
The posting key 99 is set for account type material. Is there anything else that need to be configured?
Is there any other way that i can debit a vendor and credit material through FI postings (without purchase order)


Hi Ravi,
I am also having the same issue.
I want to load some costs to materials thorugh Finance module.  In that case i am trying to post the values through F-43 document.
In posting key 89, but system not accepted.  As per your suggestion i am trying to take 81 posting key.  Then system is asking the GL, there is i select the Stock GL, system won't allow to post the values to the stock account. 
So what will be the solution to add or to deduct any other charges to the material cost through finance module.