Plz make the download a zip or arar file to speed download for all software and versions

bcuz most pepole have internet speed problem I suggest that all download able software versions converted to a compressed files such as zip or rar files.
at least stat with the new version


The Windows version is compressed with 7-Zip while if you were to do a full size update in Firefox the file is actually larger since the mar file is not compressed.
Mozilla has not provided ANY .zip releases of Firefox ever since the old Firefox 1.0.1 version (released end of Feb 2005). It was found that Firefox can be crash prone if users installed the .zip and installer versions over each other (mixing) when they should have been kept separate or installed in a clean folder.
Mozilla has no plans to make .zip version of Firefox releases available (For Windows) again whether it be the upcoming 4.0 or older.
By the way the .zip equivalent is actually bigger (by some 3mb) and not smaller than the setup compressed with 7-Zip anyways.