Photoshop asks for serial number even when I sign in with my Adobe ID

I have a Creative Cloud membership and I have installed Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator works fine, but when I run Photoshop it asks me to license the software. I sign in with my Adobe ID, but then it tells me to enter a serial number. I've tried reinstalling etc, it does not help.


Having International English-only as an option is a business/legal requirement for Europe.
I understand the frustration but it is difficult. If you sign up as a Free Trial user (so you have not yet paid for International English) which language should we default to? We default to the language of the operating system. Perhaps not perfect but a choice is made. And this works over 99% of the time, except for multi-lingual users whose OS is not set to English and choose International English-only. And yes I empathize as someone who can work fluently on both English and Japanese systems.
Any more feedback you have on how you would suggest to improve things please let us know. I will make sure that the feedback reaches the correct teams here.