Payment Term Issue while cancellation of Invoice.

A sales order is created with a Payment term "xxx" which has 2 days credit limit for the customer for Payment.
and Billing is done for the same  for Example on 16th Feb 10, and the Due date captured on Billing document and as well on accounting document for reciept is 18th Feb 10 taking 2 days credit, and when the Billing document is cancelled on the same day i.e 16th Feb10, it shows the payment term date on billing document as 18th Feb10 but in the accounting document it is capturing 16th Feb10 as the Payment date.
Hence it is showing due for payment to customer before collection of the money.


Thanks for your reply. I was really required to bypass SAP's standard logic for entering that field "ref_doc_no" for new invoice after cancelation of old invoice.
Scenario : While cancleation/reverse of every sucessful invoice,
SAP's standard =>  For new invoice document (of cancelation old invoice) is with field "ref_doc_no" = X + Old invoice Ext number
Custom requirement :  For new invoice document (of cancelation old invoice) is with field ref_doc_no = Old invoice Ext number + X
with those BADI's, how it can be done?
Rahul Mandale

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