Page content disappears as applet is loaded....

Hello All,
Question 1:
I have a webpage where I have a form. I ask user to input a few things in there, and as user press the submit button I pass this information to the embedded applet.
However as soon as he presses the submit button, the form disappears, quite strangely. I dont know why ??
Can some one tell me whats the solution for this .??
Question 2:
Also after I call the applet, it takes the necessary action, but even after taking the necessary action it keeps on running in the backgrnd for nothing. I tried giving the stop command, but in console i can read that applet stops and starts again.
I dont want applet to comsume memory resources for no reason. Please tell a solution to this also.
Question 3:
Also I dont know why browser cache the applet, i.e if I make some changes in the applet at the backend, they doesnt seems to reflect in the browser, until it is closed and started again.
How can I remove this bug from my application??


Once in edit mode, are you able to view the page's source and do a "Find" on a certain keyword that should normally appear in your page's content? Is it there?
I'm trying to determine if its a server side issue with your master page's code that's causing the content not to be sent back across the wire to the user or if the content is there but just not properly presented. Thanks
Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade Microsoft Certified Professional & Software Engineer

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