Page breaks missing

i have two repeating frames in my rdf. both repeating frames have the maximum records setting set to 1 in their property palettes. i also tried using insert page break before set to 'yes' for the first repeating frame and insert page break after set to 'yes' for the second repeating frame. but even with all this, i just can't get the page breaks to show up in the output!
the rdf is a check writer for payables for a european country where they need the invoices list in the upper part of the page and the vendor details and total check amount from the invoices in the upper part of the page in the lower part. the totals and everything is working fine. it is just that the page breaks after the vendor details are absent which is causing optio to not understand where one page starts and the next page begins resulting in a disarray of all the details.


Page break after for first frame should work I would have thought. If not I think that someone suggested the other day on this forum adding a piece of text with spaces in it in between the repeating frames and putting a page break after on that. Dont know if it will work but sounds as if it might.