Outlook E-mail address format on IPhone not correctly displayed

I have MS Outlook 2007 and am synching my Outlook contact groups to my IPhone.
Any of the contacts e-mail's in the groups that I created look normal on the IPhone, but I copied a bunch of contacts from our Public folder contacts group into my personal Contacts group, and when I look at the contacts through Outlook the e-mail address appear fine, but when I view the contacts e-mail address from the IPhone, It shows all of the e-mail address in the full exchange mailbox directory name, not the regular e-mail address.
Below is an example of the format they are appearing in.
Any Help would be appreciated. I have not tried this from any version of Outlook other than 2007 yet.


Right. Its an issue with how Outlook on an Exchange account handles email. It doesn't send the email out through the SMTP and then back in to the account. It just routes it to the address internally.
You'll need to modify the entires with the correct email in Outlook.