Out put problem in Ad hoc query reports

Hi Gurus,
I am tryting to generate a report through Ad hoc query in S_PH0_48000510 - Ad Hoc Query SAP/Query/HR_ADM - > Selected several options like personnel number / employee name / entry date / leaving date.
But when we select it shows the input details but when i try for output the entry date / leaving date even the names of the employees are not reflecting.
But the age/date of birth other fields are coming in output.
Kindly let me know the solution to get a out put. If there is any changes need to be done in the back end. Pls advice with the path details.
Thanks & Regards,
Pradeep Krishnamurthy


Hi Madhu,
Yes, I did but out put is not coming.
Pradeep Krishnamurthy

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