Oracle SQLDeveloper(formerly raptor) doesn't show Java Classes

We are evaluating this tool and love it so far. However, it doesn't list out the Java classes along with other database objects, does anyone know if Oracle is planning to add that or not?


However, it doesn't list out the Java classes along with other database objectsYeah, I noticed that too.
According to product manager Kris Rice they'll be in Re: No more Java Classes, whenever that may be.
Cheers, APC

I have mac os x 10.6.8. The system preferences doesn't show java at all. How can I install java please?

Hi!  I have mac os x 10.6.8. The system preferences doesn't show java at all. How can I install java please?Don't change your story now. You did not say through Apple, you first gave a link to this site, You

Drop java class not working

Hello, i'm using a freshly installed SQLDeveloper 1.5.1 to a java class to the database. Loading the class works, i can see my class in the tree under java. Now i wanted to change the source code of my class, so i wanted to drop it in the database. B

Budgets in Oracle EBS doesn't show in ERPi

When trying to retrieve budget data from OEBS or write-back data from Hyperion Planning to OEBS, budgets created in OEBS doesn't show as options. The Select Budget and Select Budget Organization shows "No Rows to Display" message. We've already

Oracle 8.1.6 Installation fails with java.lang.NullpointerException

HI, We are installing Oracle 8.1.6 on a D Class machine running HPUX 11.0 OS While i start the Universal Installer, it fails with the following error. Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion Warning: Cannot convert string "-dt-inter

The 'Load Details' screen doesn't show the rows for 'Loaded'

Hi All, May I request for inputs on the following issue please. Request iSetup Development to confirm if this is the intended feature. Customer complains that when they view the details of a Load, the 'Loaded' column doesn't show any numbers (rows).

Oracle Spatial Java Class Library Download?

Hello, where can I download the Oracle Spatial Java Class Library? I installed OracleXE which can handle SDO_GEOMETRY types and now need the java library for programming against the database. greetings PeterIf you mean by samples that show you how to

J dev HTML-JSP editor doesn't show ADF component.

We are fallowing model -- view -- application module development strateg for ADF. But When we drop Application modul on the JSP file HTML editor doesn't show anything except ""page directive" component. Is there any one face this problem. H

Oracle Database Express Edition 2 Day Plus Java Developer Guide??

I posted in the JDeveloper forum, as well as sending email via your feedback link found on the tutorial but I am a little disappointed by this: The Oracle® Database Express Edition 2 Day Plus Java Developer Guide has some errors in it. in Windows, I

Interactive booklet doesn't show in Quicktime.

An interactive booklet from a cd that I bought from iTunes doesn't work. It plays in iTunes and in Quicktime, but the booklet doesn't show up. Is there a settings issue or something. I have the new iTunes.Are you exporting or printing to PDF? You mus

URGENT Trying to wipe and reinstall Leopard 10.5 on my 2008 imac8,1 from the disk but my hard drive doesn't show up

So to give a little big of a background on my computer.  I got it January 2009 as a graduation gift, because I was going to get a degree in Graphic Design and Animation.  I only worked on it [mostly brousing the web, and itunes]  for about 6 months b

Firefox doesn't show original text when replying an e-mail in Hotmail

Firefox doesn't show the original text when replying an e-mail message in Hotmail. It's not an account issue since I've tried the same with Explorer and the original text DOES show... == URL of affected sites == fix the p

USB Dard drive doesn't show up after i failed to eject it

i turned off a usb external drive without ejecting it first and now it doesn't show up on the desktop, when i run disk utility it just shows the gathering disk information but doesn't get past this unless i turn off the drive again. is there a way of

A song was gifted to me but doesn't show up in library

Someone bought a song for me, has the email reciept for it, but the song doesn't show up in library.  help?I have the same problem, I have video files that Say they have copied but I cant find them anywhere. I am not sure whether it has anything to d

Pasted Content doesn't show up on Canvas or is at the very Edge of it

Since installing AI CC 2014 this Version but also my old CC Copy show the same weird Behaviour: 1. Copy an Element from the same or a different Layer via Ctrl-C 2. Paste via Ctrl-V on the same or other Layer - Content doesn't show up or is only paste

Does anyone know how to get the notification screen in iOS 7 to show the weather?  Not showing on my phone, and the weather app doesn't show in the notification dialog.

I am not seeing the weather in the notifications for 'today'.  The weather app doesn't show up in the notifications dialog either.  What to do?Pappasbike wrote: First make sure that Weather is listed in Notification Center, mine is a the very end of

Preview doesn't show up in the capture window

When trying to capture, the video preview doesn't show up in the capture window, only the color bars. I am able to run my transport with the buttons and the key commands, so I know the Canon ZR500 is really communicating (easy setup: DV-NTSC), via fi

My external hard drive doesn't show up in finder, is it dead?

My external hard drive doesn't show up in finder.Time machine can't find it. Does this mean my external hard drive is dead? I borrowed a friends and switched mine with hers. My acted the same way in her macbook. I switched the cords on the external d

TS1363 I downloaded I-Tunes 11.1.4 and now it doesn't show my I-Pod when I plug it in.....

I downloaded I-Tunes 11.1.4 and now when I plug in my I-Pod or my I-Pod Touch I-Tunes doesn't show either one... HELP !Hello, ETalso.  Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. If your device is not recognized by iTunes, I would recommend the

My iphone doesn't show me the effect on picture that are taken with effect is shows me it as a normal pic with out any effect but when I press edit it shows that the effect is already on but u can see it

my iphone doesn't show me the effect of the picture that Are taken with effect it just show them to me as a normal picture with out any effect and when I go to edit it shows there that the pic already has an effect and when I see the picture in group