Oracle 9i Transaction Performance (Real World vs. TPC)?

I was curious if anybody reading this forum has a server/disk architecture that has achieved over 10,000 Oracle Database transactions (with logging enabled) per second?
If so, can you please supply me with the clustered or standalone server and disk farm (NAS, SAN, DAS) details.
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have a look at
This site is now up for nearly one year. We're using Oracle 8.1.7, Apache 1.3.24 and Tomcat 4.0.3. We've got about 4500 hits per day with a maximum up to 9000 hits.
Regards Uwe Hi there Uwe,
Given you are running this in a production environment, are you running the XSQLRequest object or are you running the servlet directly. Running the servlet directly in particular, is just not production ready, unless I am missing something.
1. There are no direct filesystem logging capabilities in the servlet. Doing inserts into a db table for the purposes of logging, is not adequate as the critical points in the servlet operation is either connecting to the database or in the post query phase during the xml transform.
2. Errors like invalid db connections, timeouts, invalid xsql/xsl files, ie All xsql-xxxx errors other than query errors are not trappable from the servlet either via xml or otherwise. They get written directly to the Output stream as text.
Using the XSQLRequest object programmatically, we can work around some of these limitations, but that defeats the purpose and the otherwise ease of use of this servlet in a XML envirnoment.
- Manish

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