ORA-3106: from Pro* C executable

Hi Guys,
We're developing an utility in PRO *C.
In it,we've connected to database using some syntax like-
EXEC SQL connect :g_uid identified by :g_pass
Now this function works all right in the initial part of execution.
Then we restart the instance. Now this hell- blazer ORA-3106: fatal two-task communication protocol error comes up.
We've got throgh some links in metalink et. all where it says that memory leak can be a cause for it, which may happen in our case due to a no. of connections/disconnections.
Our DB version- and platform Windows 2003 server R2.
We also came to know that "TWO_TASK" is a Unix environment variable that can be set to a default TNS
connect string. So we set it as the corresponding alias in TNSNAMES.ora.
But that didn't solve.
Moreover- a no. of times we saw from Windows Task Manager that two oracle.exe are being generated.


Your basic problem is you run an unsupported configuration. This can result in unpredictable behaviour. ORA-03106 is often seen, when components are incompatible. The first supported database for Windows 2003 is 9i Release 2.