Operation Wise Scrap CO11N

Hello Experts,
The  issue is, let say we have 7 operation for producing particular SFG or FG. At operation 0030 some qty got rejected due to some reason. Now user want to put the rejected  qty in CO11N screen with reason of rejection and in next operation only accepted conformed qty will come.
Please give some solution to reject some unplanned qty at operation level with rejection reason.
Thanx in advance.
Neha PP


Hello Experts,
The que is still open, i am explaining the requirement once again
i have 5 operations in my routing...... the production order is of 5000 pcs..... i confirmed 5000 pcs in operation 0010 & 5000 pcs in operation 0020. At operation 0030,  200pcs are rejected due to some reason so i confirmed only 4800 pcs & want to mention the 200 pcs as rejected qty at operation 0030.......... now the issue is  the rejection is unplanned, some time it may happend & some time it may not & it can be happend at any operation............
So in above said scenario where can i show in CO11N screen that 4800 pcs are confirmed & 200 pcs are rejected with reason at operation 0030.
Hope the issue is clare now.

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