Opensource Software Licensing (combining licenses)

I'm struggling with several OSS licenses and especially with their compatibility to each other, so i need the wisom of the arch community once again:
I'm thinking about writing a plugin for a GPLv2-only(!) software. This plugin would use a library that i also want to create, which would need to use librarys under the Apache License V2.
As far as I've understood, the Apache license cannot be used with the GPLv2 - even if only linking with it.
Is it a possible solution to release my library (containing the apache libraries) under the LGPLv2.1 and then using it in my plugin (which would be under GPLv2-or-later)? Would the combination of the software, my plugin and my library turn the license into GPLv2 and so not being legal?
I hope someone of you can help me to wrap my head around this.
EDIT: I think i've found a possible solution here. If i add this to my plugin's license (GPLv2) it doesn't change the license of my library (LGPLv2) and so the code under the apache license can then be used under it's own license - am I correct?
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Hi Suhas ,
"what is now understand clearly is that i will be permitted to use the Windows Licensing on the USB to go drive as well"
I am sorry ,we misunderstood the "How is Windows To Go licensed " part.It states that the Windows To go can be used in the machines which are licensed by the Software Assurance.But it doesn`t state we can use the license of the application
According to  the "Can I use all my applications on Windows To go " part :
" However, any applications that use hardware binding (usually for licensing and/or digital rights management reasons) may not run when you roam your Windows To Go drive between different host computers ,and you may have to use those applications on the
same host computer every time"
To use these applications binded with licenses ,we need additional licenses.
Best regards