Open directory, network homes and MS Word

We are running OS X & Server 10.4.8, and Word 11.2. Using network home directories, with 15users and 3 of them are portable. Running Open directory wih LDAPv3, SSL, SMB and AFP for the network homes (?).
When one of the portable users try to save his Word files he recieves the following error-message: "Word cannot save this file because it is already open elsewhere"
Google turned up the following results and suggestions from other ppl with the same problem:
#1 - Create .TemporaryItems and/or modify owner(s) on the network share.
#2 - Change the directory where files are saved via: Word > Preferences > File locaion > Document > 'Modify' (change to users 'Documents' folder.
#3 - Delete file in: User > Library > Preferences > Microsoft > (user is the name of the account having the prob)
Link to someone with the same problem(contains most of the solutions):
Link to a combination of solution #1 & #2 (and a descrip of the prob): page=0&view=expanded&sb=5&o=31&fpart=
I have tried all of the solutions above, the first one seemed promesing but the folder already existed so i just verified that the permissions were correct and moved on. User still has the problem.
End of the last thread i posted suggests that there is no solution for this problem in Os X 10.4.2 and i read another place that it is related to Os X not closing connections to the file on the share, so it is tricked into thinking the file is open in two places when you save it the first time.
Please help!!


It was kindof a strange problem with RDC (Remote desktop connection, windows not apple).
After i installed the script RDC stopped working and i had to uninstall the script to save RDC (it`s more important then the error message in office). But uninstalling didnt work, so i did some experimenting and found out that RDC started working again if he just moved to another computer where he hadnt loaded his user while the script was running.
And even more surprislingly when he moved back to his own computer again it started working again there too. (We use network accounts)
May i ask you how you uninstalled it?