Only one pushdown per DF in BODI 11.7?

We have a pretty complex ETL process with dozens of DFs that are liberally sprinkled with data_transfer transforms, added by the original developers with the intent of getting SQL to push down to the SQL Server 2005 where the data is stored. According to "display optimized SQL", it appears that most of them are not pushing down. In fact, I built a very simple DF based on sys.objects and sys.columns with one-column query transforms going to data_transfers then to another query transform that combines the two forks by selecting one of the columns that is then pushed to the target table. If I delete either one of the forks the other pushes down with an INSERT a SELECT b FROM c format, but when I have both forks in the DF, only one or the other will push down.
It seems like there is some kind of configuration parameter that is limiting pushdown functionality but I can't figure out what it is. I've read up on things that prevent push-downs, messed with different configs trying to see if anything made a difference, and finally created an ultra-simple DF to demonstrate the problem. I'm out of ideas, and this is killing our performance- our big ETL process is running in 10 hours every day, but if we fixed this it might run in a third of the time.
Thanks for your help.


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