Online tech support says they cant help me?????

Hello I would like to ask if customer tech support from HP cant help me with my questions because they say they dont support ssd problems tho Big Dave recommended me to get one..... I asked in different thread about installing a SSD to my system. Big Dave recommended the Samsung Evo.
I purchased it. Did a OS migrate using the software it came with. But before doing anything I backed My Hdd to a external hdd. I purchased the Samsung evo 1tb. Got it installed its software works awesome"migration" and "magician". Reformated my old OEM 3tb hdd . setup my ssd to the sata 3 port and moved my hdd to sata 1 and my dvd is still at sata 2.  After all done never seen such speed in starting apps or booting. EXCEPT FOR ONE thing.. When i finished with everything and everything looked all is well. BUT EVERY TIME  i restarted it i got this: 
 the recovery mode. This was repeated a few hundred times. From researching i found that there was some way to change the boot menu and bios. So i called HP Tech Support the help me. ????
They didnt have a clue??? After a few hundred reboots only to see this:    They HP tech support did there remote connection to my pc and did there check this and check that only after 90 minutes online with them to tell me there sorry they dont support ssd installation problems to contact samsung. REALLY???
So with no help from HP i troubleshooted my self and after hours of trial and error found that I could change the boot menu and bios to make it work. Meaning I could restart or shut down and start without it booting to the recovery mode.
I will post the pics to show my orginal setup in the boot menu and bios and after i changed it. FYI. it reconized both drives. The os migration went without a problem. Everything that was on my OEM HDD was on my SDD, The problem was it would not  boot from the ssd unless I always pressed f6 and told it to boot from it. other wise i got the screen above.
Here is my system setup before:  as you can see it sees the ssd. It also sees both drives. :  and  and here is what i changed it to:
and i moved the legacy boot sources with the sata 3 above the sata 1. because I have the SSD hooked into the sata 3 port on the mother board and the oem hdd i moved to the sata 1 port with the dvd still plugged into the sata 2 port.
NOW IT BOOTS UP IN 32 SECONDS from restart and 61 SECONDS  from complete shut down.
My Question is two fold to this forum. Will this settup hurt my system in anyway that I am not aware of??????
Will it still boot from disks or thumb if needed??
And if everything is Honky Dorey and A OK with this setup . Then why couldnt I get the help from HP on the phone to resolve this rediculously simple change to my system setup and bios to get this to boot correctly????
Thanks for your help


Hi Tony,
Did you download the latest Samsung migration software before your started the migration?
You should be able to use the Windows Boot Manager to boot by default off the SSD if your "cloning" procedure worked correctly.  However, you don't want to have the original HD connected since it will also have an EFI partition on it and then you might end up with multiple Windows Boot Managers which would be confusing.
You should use Disk Management to determine that you have in fact cleaned off all of the partitions from the original HD.
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