Online Games Problems With WRT54G Router

Hi There ppl,
I have a Lan House with 50 comps working, and most of my costumers are looking for online games entertainment (Cabal Online, Ragnarok, Dota, CS, 9 Dragon etc). We have an 8 Gb DSL connection and another one of the same speed for back-up (not running simultaneously at the moment). We should be having outstanding results for online gamming (and we were before installing the new router) but we are having several problems since we install a new LinkSys WRT54G router here. Our physical configuration is the modem, followed by the router, than three DLink Switches(24 ports) and my main computer. Everything cable
What we noticed is that the Internet connection looks normal (even using the command "ping", nothing strange appears, no timed out at all!) but online games (specially the above mentioned) have an intermitent connection. (Some times they connect, some dont)... Looks like it happens usually when I have the house crowded, but already showed also with it empty.
Another issue is that I am using the LinkSys Advisor to help identifying this problem, but I am getting even more confused, because its giving new information each time I refresh the "my network" window. Also happens when showing "My Network Settings" on the Support Tab.
Im using Firmware 8.00.0, what I think is the newest.
I didnt try any forwarding port issue yet, as I would like to receive more information about it (never needed to configure anything related before). Concerning the MTU value I already tryed withou any significantly result.
Please If anyone had the same problem, or have any idea of other possible tests, i would appreciate a lot.
Thank you and have a great day all


Hi there Helm,
Tks for your attention and reply to my issue!! Yesterday right after posting here (when we closed the doors and I could be able to work on it) I did get the latest one (8.00.2) and also set up manually the MTU value to 1500 (standard is automatic). I also unckeck the "anonymous internet request bock", "Multcast filter" and "Filter NAT forwarding", all of them were checked as standard. I also checked the "HTTPS Internet Access" (standard is only HTTP).
At a first moment I could get a very low sensitive better result (but the Lan was closed, so I had the entire 8Gb for my requests). I came back to work right now, and we have about 30 ppl in, mostly using the Internet, MSN and so... I am trying yo connect to Cabal Online, and GG-Esports (Warcraft, Dota) both of them giving the same problems as always... I am really getting tired and disapointed with LinkSys, I really though I would have much more than I am having right now.
Anyway I gonna keep trying each night to see what I cant get. I do post here If I find any solution (or if I really decided to move to another brand)
Thank you a lot and have a great night out there