On change Java script

i have try to do this but i can't.
i have jus created an demo application for this point.Please resolve it in my demo applicatiuon.
Workspace: APEXUSER
User: [email protected]
Password :hugeni
Applicayion No :-49448
Page No :- 3
I need here if i enter 10 into P3_ITEM_A =10 Then enter value into
P3_ITEM_B =2, Then onChange P3_ITEM_F =2
P3_ITEM_C =1, Then onChange P3_ITEM_F =3
P3_ITEM_D = 2, Then onChange P3_ITEM_F =5
P3_ITEM_E = 3 Then onChange P3_ITEM_F =3
if i enter some value into P3_ITEM_B then value change automaticaly into P3_ITEM_F and when i enter value into P3_ITEM_C then add thes value with previous value of P3_ITEM_F till P3_ITEM_E .
I need in last, an pop up alert if value of P3_ITEM_A is not equal to P3_ITEM_F .
Alert Massage sholuld be Please insert number.
How can i do both thing (1) Onchange Event Value in to P3_ITEM_F (2) An Alert if Value of P3_ITEM_A !=P3_ITEM_F.
How can i do this.
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Hello Hugeni (?),
I created a Dynamic Action, when the P3_ITEM_A change and his value = 10 then set the value on P3_ITEM_B, you can use this on the other fields according to your needs.
I think the correct way to display the message(alert) is submitting the page and then make a validation to check if the value is equal or not.