Off Cycle Payroll

Dear Experts;
If an employee worked for example from 01.01.2009 till 05.01.2009 then he took a paid leave for about 10 days then he joined on 15.01.2009, and before he left he asked to get his salary for those 5 days that he worked and for the leave days.
So we ran 2 Off-Cycles payroll one with the absence reason and another with a regular reason. So the regular off-cycle will make exit for the payroll for this month for that employee.
How can I run him his payroll for his working days from 15.01.2009 till the end of the month?
Can any one help.
Thanks for your cooperation.
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Thanks experts I reached the solution.
In the Off-Cycle I'll make correction payroll
This function enables you to make an immediate correction payment if an employeeu2019s master
data or time data is changed. The employee does not then have to wait until the system
automatically carries out retroactive accounting with the next regular payroll run