Odd Power(maybe) Issues

I've just recently purchased my Mac Pro and have tried multiple times to leave it on, with the monitor set to sleep (using hot corner) and the computer set not to sleep. The purpose is to be able to access my music library while on the go. For some reason, when I come back to the computer it won't wake, the power light is on so I'm assuming it froze or had a kernal panic.
I'm running Simplify Media and a Hawking USB wifi adapter to access my music on the go, no other 3rd party peripherals. Any suggestions would be great.


I use the hot corner to sleep the monitors, not the computer. I use the hot corner because of sheer laziness. I have one LG LCD and one Samsung LCD. As far as I can tell the computer hasn't had any issues since the first two instances. I am leaving it on again today, so we'll see.

IPhone 5 Power button issues after recent update.

After this most recent update, my power button is not working as it normally does.  It takes two or three attempts to turn the phone off and more than once to turn it.  Sometimes it turns on and immediately turns off.  This is happening only after th

No man power to issue how to map this scanario

Dear Gurus, Pls any one provide a solution for this scanario, Oil is received (say 50000 ton) and stored at one location. There is no man power to issue it from that location.Worker comes there with pail (bucket) and collects oil and go. Over a perio

870A-G54 - power management issues

A power-management issue with standby. I've set standby to be "S3" in the BIOS - the system goes into standby fine and wakes up fine. The problem is, if the system is in standby for a few hours, at some point during that time, it turns itself of

7216 power on issue

I have a 7216 w/ 1.6.2 settop code.  Sometimes when I turn the settop on in the mornings - I have audio, but no video.  I have to turn the settop off then on again to get video.  I am using component cables to connect to my TV, not HDMI.  Anyone else


I have a strange behavior with my main board.  It has worked well for almost three years. But now, I decided to change everything to a new case, and I decided to upgrade from XP to Windows Vista (no real upgrade, I format my hard disk and perform a c

IMac Power Up Issue

I had a weird problem this weekend. My Mac locked up after a Microsoft Word issue. After the forced quit I tried I turn on the Mac. I heard the CD make a noise but nothing else. The screen didn't come on and no noises from the Mac. I hit the power on

IBook won't power on... power management issues?

Hey everyone, _MY SYSTEM_ I've got a 12" iBook G4 (1.33 GHz) running 10.4.10 that's about a year and a half old. It's been a great computer for me, and I've used it on an almost daily basis since I first got it. Its experienced a few power-related qu

1st Gen iMac Power Supply Issue

I just got my iMac G5 back from Apple after having the power supply and logic board replaced for the second time in two years. It is apparently a fairly common problem with the first generation iMac G5s. I've basically been told it's a problem with n

Thinkpad L520 Power Management Issues

Hi all, I have to report several issues with my Thinkpad (Core i5 2520M). Both seem to be related to power management, that's why I decided to put them in one thread. The problems occur on battery and with ac power connected, I have a 90 Watt power s

Power/Audio issue

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere - I did try searching but to no avail... I've just noticed the past couple of days that my iPhone 5 is behaving oddly when connected to the mains power to charge. I'm using the USB/lightning cable and UK ac

Satellite S3000-X4 Power Up Issue.

I've been given a S3000-X4 to look at, and I can't seem to find the problem. (I've searched these Forums, and Google prior to posting this, and can't seem to find a result) The Machine won't turn on. I've had the original PSU in, Battery, DVD-Drive a

Power up Issue macbook Pro A1175? (please help)

I turn on the power and the chime sounds but the screen stays black and there is no hard drive activity. The indicater light on the front of the computer lights up: the light thats on the button that opens the laptop. The light on the battery also tu

Power button issue :(

So, after about 9 months, my power button has finally broken. Is there a way for me to turn on my blackberry without using it...the power button was no match for my long fingernailsgive support a call, they were very good to me and resolved my issue

Blackberry passport power button issue

hi, I bought a passport phone three weeks ago and this one problem with the power button is there from the begining. there is a delay cca 4 s, not everytime but very often and it is very annoying.  Please can you help with this, is a software or hard

X200 power/startup issues

Hello, My X200 is slow in powering up.  When I turn it on, it takes 30 seconds before the initial "ThinkPad" page comes up, then there is a delay of 30 more seconds, then I get a message, "ME is initializing" followed by a series of se

IPhone 5 power button issue .Apple store can't help !

I have an issue with my power button on my iPhone 5.It works perfectly sometimes and sometimes it doesn't .I have to press it 2,3 times to get it work .I took it to the Apple store and it worked perfectly there so they said they can't replace it unle

Mac Pro Early 2008 Power Up Issue

Hey Everyone, This is my first post so please excuse my ignorance on the process.  Anywho, so my problem is this.  I have an Early 2008 Mac Pro, that when it is on it runs great.  My biggest issue is that I installed the ATI RADEON 5770 and installed

G555 power on issues

Hi, any help/advice would be appreciated. My G555 laptop shows no signs of life either when connected to the power supply or the battery. There are no LEDs lighting beside the power button or at the front of the laptop. I've removed HD, DVD and memor

AC Power Adapter issue with new (refurbished) ibook...

I just got my refurbished ibook today and went to plug it in and test it, and then wanted to charge the battery on it. At first I thought it wasn't doing anything when I went to turn it on (it made the starting sound but the power button didn't turn