Odd Power(maybe) Issues

I've just recently purchased my Mac Pro and have tried multiple times to leave it on, with the monitor set to sleep (using hot corner) and the computer set not to sleep. The purpose is to be able to access my music library while on the go. For some reason, when I come back to the computer it won't wake, the power light is on so I'm assuming it froze or had a kernal panic.
I'm running Simplify Media and a Hawking USB wifi adapter to access my music on the go, no other 3rd party peripherals. Any suggestions would be great.


I use the hot corner to sleep the monitors, not the computer. I use the hot corner because of sheer laziness. I have one LG LCD and one Samsung LCD. As far as I can tell the computer hasn't had any issues since the first two instances. I am leaving it on again today, so we'll see.