OC4J and ias 1.021 on AIX 433 ??

I am planning to install the OC4J engine
on AIX433 and I downloaded oc4j.zip
However the last version of IAS on AIX we
have is the release 1.021 instead of 1.022
as adviced ( or required ?? ) in the
Could you tell me if this installation is
possible with IAS 1021 on aix, and if it is
no, where will be the problems ?
Thanks for your help
Best regards
Jean-Philippe BATTU
BULL Grenoble


Triple asdf, I agree that the shell script, oc4j.sh, is too simple and nice to be guilty here. From the console output, it seems the coredump happened when the server was initializing ascontrol application. To confirm that, can you comment out the following two lines in your j2ee/home/config/server.xml and then try starting the server.
  <application name="ascontrol" path="../applications/ascontrol.ear" start="true" />
  <web-site path="./ascontrol-web-site.xml" />
If you got the server started, then try adding these lines and bounce the server.

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