O/T Question

Off the topic, I have been watching quit a few movies lately and have been noticing that there are a lot of Apple products being used in studio movies. About 80% of the movies I have been watching these past 3 years have had I book's, Mac's, or other Apple products in them, either in the background or being used my actors in the movies. Does apple have contracts with movie studio having there products put in these movies. I have also noticed Pottery Barn Catalog uses Apple products as well. I find it very interesting. Anyone know why?


I've noticed it for years, wasn't a Mac laptop used to defeat the aliens in Independence Day?
I think it's just done as a stamp of individuality/possibly coolness.
I always remember seeing the baddies talking on Sony monitors during Bond films of yesteryear, Sony having seemed to have penetrated the movie market.
I guess there could be commercial tie-ins too, with movies being forms of advertising, perhaps companies pay for the privilege.

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I forgot the answers to my apple id security questions. Can anyone help me?solomon.14 wrote: Can anyone help me? Yes.  You can.  See the "more like this" section on the right side of the page or do a simple forum search.  Your question has been

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HT5312 why is it so complicated to reset the questions im getting very angry

i havent purchased anything in so long i cant remember the security questions and i just bought an itunes card today and cant purchase any songs im pretty angry over thisThe page that you posted from tells you how to reset them i.e. if you have a res

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HT4060 I can't find a definite answer anywhere regarding whether or not you need to turn the iPad mini off before charging. So my question is should I turn the iPad mini off or leave it on before charging? Thanks in advance.

I can't find a definite answer anywhere regarding whether or not you need to turn the iPad mini off before charging. So my question is should I turn the iPad mini off or leave it on before charging? Thanks in advance.I rarely if ever turn my iPad off

Why has not received the message about the change secret Questions?

Why has not received the message about the change secret Questions on my email?Be patient. You don't get an immediately notification email. Record the Claim Number somewhere in case something goes wrong. It can take up to 72 hours. I got mine in abou

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Hello. I have forgotten the answers of security questions of my apple ID. <Email Edited By Host>Alternatives for Help Resetting Security Questions and/or Rescue Mail      1. If you have a rescue email address or a Security Questions issue, then see:

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Satellite P200D-12f PSPBQE - Question about CPU/GFX temperature

Hey guys, Here are the laptop specs: TOSHIBA Satellite Series P200D-12F Notebook - AMD Turion 64 X2 Processor TL-62 2.1GHz 2MB Cache, 2048MB DDR2-667 SO-Dimm Memory (2x1024), DVD Super Multi writer optical drive, 250 GB SATA, 5400 obr/min, 17.1" WXGA