O/T Question

Off the topic, I have been watching quit a few movies lately and have been noticing that there are a lot of Apple products being used in studio movies. About 80% of the movies I have been watching these past 3 years have had I book's, Mac's, or other Apple products in them, either in the background or being used my actors in the movies. Does apple have contracts with movie studio having there products put in these movies. I have also noticed Pottery Barn Catalog uses Apple products as well. I find it very interesting. Anyone know why?


I've noticed it for years, wasn't a Mac laptop used to defeat the aliens in Independence Day?
I think it's just done as a stamp of individuality/possibly coolness.
I always remember seeing the baddies talking on Sony monitors during Bond films of yesteryear, Sony having seemed to have penetrated the movie market.
I guess there could be commercial tie-ins too, with movies being forms of advertising, perhaps companies pay for the privilege.