Numeric fields shows ## in Preview from SAP B1

I created a Crystal report layout from the Production order.
If I preview the report in Crystal Reports the data is shown correctly.
When i Preview the report through SAP Business One, all numeric fields, e.g. docnum, quantity, Shows # values instead of the numeric values.
This is SAP B1 Hana.


Hi Janice,
Several options:
If these are discret fiels (single values from a single record), basically the size to display is too small:
The picture suggest the size of the layout for the field in CR, not the size of the field (meaning, saying 2 digits in the format while you have 4 to show),
The size of the display is too small, but I don't take it.
If a summary field, then the report is trying to mix values with different units, which is not coherent; in which case B1 display *

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