Not able to increase SAP kernel release 6.40 patch level from 43 to 71

Hi Guru's,
I have to update SAP kernel release 6.40 patch level from 43 to 71 but not able to do.I am running solution manager 3.2 on Oracle 9i and Win-2003 OS.
Please provide the solutions .
I have downloaded kernel patch from Path at Service matket place ---<b>Support Packages and Patches" SAP Technology Components" SAP SOLUTION MANAGER" SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 3.2" Entry by Component" SAP Solution Manager-SAP KERNEL 6.40 32-BIT UNICODE-Windows Server on IA32 32bit-ORACLE-
SAR SAPEXEDB_71-20000254.SAR Kernel Part II (for Basis 640/620)  71</b>
I followed following Steps:
1. Copied the patch into a temporary directory on system.
2. Unpacked the downloded SAPEXEDB_71-20000254.SAR Kernel Part II (for Basis 640/620)  71 patch .
3. Stoped the SAP System using MMC.
4. Saved the kernel directory by backup or by copying into a separate backup directory. (\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\sys\exe\run)
5. Re-started the server.
After logging again in SAP client 000 on checking found server patch level coming same as previous one .
Its not got updated and due to this in Tcode- <b>SPAM</b> I am getting error message :<b>'The OCS package SAPKITL318 requires a kernel with Release 640 and patch number 71. The kernel you are currently using has a lower version.'</b>.


Hi Guru's,
Output for transaction SM51 enclosed below:
Application server gauravpc1_GSM_00
SAP R/3 Kernel information
SAP R/3 Kernel 640_REL
Database Client Library OCI_920_SHARE
created in NT 5.0 2195 Service Pack 4 x86 MS VC++ 13.10
created on Nov 4 2004 23:42:53
Support Level 0
Kernel Patch number 43
Source ID 0.043
DBSL Patch No. 172
ICU Version 2.6.1 Unicode Version 4.0
libsapu16 Version 2.0023 Nov 4 2004 20:04:27
Supported environment
SAP database version
610 , 620 , 630, 640
Database ORACLE 9.2.0..
ORACLE 10.1.0..
ORACLE 10.2.0..
Operating system
Windows NT 5.0, Windows NT 5.1,Windows NT 5.2
one more thing I have aloso tried to upload Kernel latest patch level 175 using same procedure but that too was not working.

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