No sound on video cature (fx5200-vtd128)

Does anybody know how to add sound to the video-in?
I'm watching the video from the MSI Media Center Deluxe II.  There is just no sound.
My soundcard is a soundblaster128.
Ports include:
line-out (front) jack
auxiliary in\line out (rear) jack


I tried both the Line-In & Mic ports before I posted.  
Unfortunately, I didn't try looking to see if the plug was in the audio out on the back of the VCR.  the plug must have come loose.
Now I have the VCR sound coming over my PC speakers, but i seem to be having problems with MSI Media Center Deluxe II.
I was able to save 2 video recordings.  After that, I go to record and it asks me for what I want to name it, but the clip never appears in the list.
I also cant figure out a way to delete the 2 previously saved recordings.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.