No power to powerbook

Specs: 17inch powerbook G4 1 ghz 512 ram.
Problem: laptop will not charge the battery. when plugged in the battery lights do not flash as if they are charging. when the charger is connected, if i press the button on the battery it flashes quickly as if it were dead (which it is) and then the light goes out. If i plug the laptop in without the battery, It will not turn on. I have zapped the pram, nothing happens. When i plug it in without the battery and press the power button i hear the hard drive attempt to spin, when i press the caps lock button the green light comes on, so I assume some sort of power is getting to the unit. I'm assuming that the pram battery is dead. Is there any way to recharge it or am I stuck replacing the whole part? The charger is an aftermarket but is the 65w adaptor. And I have tried another adaptor to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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The Pram battery being dead would not stop your system from booting up. It sounds like either you have an issue with the DC-in card or the logic board. There are only 4 components to the charging circuit: the power adapter, the DC-in card, the battery, and the logic board. Since you can't start up without the battery, the DC-in card or logic board may be the problem. As you hear it try and start up, it's more likely it's a logic board issue rather than a DC-in issue.
The pram battery replacement comes on a small circuit board, and is available for around $90.