New Printout message for Consignment Process

I use MRKO for consignment settlement.
However I created a new condition type ZKON by copy of KONS to print out the consignment document.
In message schemas for message MR0003 (Consignment) I created a new line with priority for this new condition type:
1     0     ZKON [Edited by: RMC on Nov 25, 2008 4:01 PM]     Consignment
10     0     KON6     Consignment  EDI
20     0     KONS     Consignment
I created in MRM1 the condition type by vendor and company code.
However when I'm trying to print out the document only standard condition type KONS is available and assigned to my consignment documents. No message for condition ZKON is generated.
Can you help me on this? How can I have the print out for the new condition type?
Edited by: RMC on Nov 25, 2008 4:02 PM


You need to go to the transaction NACE and compare the set up of the output type not working to the set up of the output type that is working.  I recently had this happen and the set up was missing under PROCEDURES-> CONTROL.
Another area to look at is the condition record when you set it up by company code or supplier... make sure the communications screen is set up as well.