Nested structure in a BAPI

I have a requirement to create a bapi which can hold data in a nested format and output in the same format. Please could you help with any suggestions, or sample code to implement the same.
Thanks in advance


This is quite a basic question and this forum is not to place to ask it. But I can (and will) give you an example of a Standard SAP BAPI for retrieving business partner data which is nested.
Function Module (SE37):

Nested structures within ABAP

Hello, I am working on an ABAP report where the output file will need to look something like:- 1 Material No, Description 2 EAN, ... 3 ..., ..., ... 3 ..., ..., ... 4 ..., ..., ... 4 ..., ... Some of the record types will only have one line and other

Nested structure and FCC problem (Header Problem)

Hi all, I have a target structure like this: MT -Recordset (0..unbounded) --field1 (1) --field2 (1) Record (0..unbounded) field6 (0..1) field7 (0..1) After mapping: MT -Recordset (0..unbounded) --field1 (1) --field2 (1) Record (0..unbounded) field6 (

Error:Out-of-bou​nds pointer argument CVI12.0 Cannot access data member of a nested structure

Hi, I'm getting an error "FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR:   Out-of-bounds pointer argument (before start of memory block)" while trying to access a data element from a nested structure (structure with in a structure) in a dll file in debug as well as rele

Receiver File content conversion with nested structure

Hi Guys, I have the below nested structure and have to convert it using receiver file content conversion. <Header> [o, unbounded]    <A>a</A>    <B>b</B> </Header> <record>   [0, unbounded]    <field1>      

How to delete a value from the nested structure?

Hi Friends! I have a nested structure such as multimap<int, map<int ,set<int>>> FinalMul It contains sample values 1=>4--->1 6=>4--->1 6=>9--->4 11=>4--->1 11=>5--->1   4 11=>9--->4 12=>2--->1  

Help!! - File to Idoc Mapping with Nested structure

Scenario: I have an inbound file that has three nested records. eg. A00, B00 and C00. C00 is nested structure of B00 and B00 nested structure of A00. All these structure can repeat N number of times in a file. How do I map this to IDoc structure that

Printing Nested Structure values

Hi i have two structures and i want to print those values using c#..  I have parent structure which has 5 properties on it and inside that having another child structure which refers 5 properties on it. so now i want to print the values for both stru

Nested structure to flat structure in the PI mapping

Dear friends, I've a issue regarding message mapping within PI 7.0 This is how my source structure looks like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <stop>    <stopreference/>    <action>       <actionrefere

Mapping of repeating structure to nested structure

Hi I have a mapping issue. My Data type look like this MT_RcicRecords -TRNH  1-1 -RECH  0-Unb -RECL  0-Unb -ENDT  0-Unb -TRLR  1-1 In above structure pattern of RECH, RECL and ENDT can occur multiple type. My output after File content conversion look

Bapi structure

hi all, how can i craete a structure starting with BAPI in dictonary . I want to create the structure for using it in bapi . i.e. i want to create a structure like bapixyz. Thanks, sridharHi, The foll. links gives you step by step eg. http://www.erpg

Designer 9i - nested DDL structure not executable for XML

To support an XML data transfer, we need to define types,collections, and tables. When we define a table that references types and collections, we do not get adequate DDL from Designer 9i that identifies all of the nested structures, and the DDL that

Input for nested data structure service

I plan to use a service which require some header-information and additional 1...n item-information. The data structure of this service is nested, means there is only one input-port for the header AND the nested items. Is it somehow possible to creat

Declare deep structure with se11

Hi, I would like to create a new deep structure with a table type component with se11 transaction, not a nested structure. I know it is possible to do that with Abap but I need to do this with se11 because it has to be accessible from some reports an

Error in ECA when assigning the value to structures

Hi, There are errors in ECA when we execute our function modules.                Say a script has 3 interfaces (just an example) 1) In the first command interface, there is a reference to a structure which has 3 nested structures within, in which the

RFC Lookup - BAPI-TABLE Parameters problem

Hello All, I had a scenario where i need to export parameters and am supposed to get import parameters from BAPI between source and target structures. like - source --> BAPI execution = result --> target We had succeeded in getting those but the onl

Accessing a field in nested internal table

Hi, Could you please help me how to get value in nested structure 'COMT_PRODUCT_IL_API'. We need to access field 'DESTINGUID' in that nested structure. Thanks, SantoshHelo, I figured the previous reply would have solved ur issue, but doesnt look like

Extension of BAPI's

Baseline Information: -- We are running SAP ECC v6. -- We have added two new columns to the Equipment Master database, on the EQUI table.  These columns are entitled GUIDNO and Z_GISGRID.  These columns were added to the EQUI table within the SAP-del

BAPI job log messages are disabled

Can not view messages in a BAPI in the job log?the bapi is . CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_PO_CREATE1'       EXPORTING         poheader         = lw_poheader         poheaderx        = lw_poheaderx       IMPORTING         exppurchaseorder = lv_ebeln         ex

Folder structure in lightroom does not match structure at system level

The folder structure in lightroom as shown in the library module seems to have got confused.  Instead of having the nested structure that appears on my hard drive I have a long list of folders.  The list of folders gives the full pathway.  When I hol