Negative stock  for storage location M7 021

I use negative stock for some materials
When I want to post document in MIGO - 551 scrapping, I have error message M7 021: Deficit of BA Unrestricted-use 1.100 EA:   24000641 XXXX 9999 YYYYYYY
This is ERROR. When I change storage location from 9999 to 0002 message have status WARNING.
I set - allowed negative stock in material master data MM02 and for plant in WB02
Where should I set "allowed negative stock" for storage location, because I need warning for location 0002?
Could You help me?
Thank You in advance


Go to SPRO>MM>IM>Goods Issue/Transfer posting>Allow negitive stock allowed for plant and then chose the plant and then go for the storage location --> mark the same.
If use ful award points

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