Need User-Exit / Badi For CO11N selection screen

Hello Gurus,
I need to add an extra functionality in the selection screen of the Tcode CO11N .Can you suggest some user exit or badi for the same .
The Functionality is : We need to make the field 'Reason' as mandatory whenever there is an entry in the field 'Scarp' .
Waiting for your valuable suggestion on this .
Abhijit Mandal


Followings are Enhancement or BADI for Tcode-CO11N
CONFPP01                                PP order conf.: Determine customer specific default values
CONFPP02                                PP order conf.: Customer specific input checks 1
CONFPP03                                PP order conf.: Cust. specific check after op. selection
CONFPP04                                PP order conf.: Customer specific input checks 2
CONFPP05                                PP order conf.: Customer specific enhancements when saving
CONFPP06                                PP Order Confirmations: Actual Data Transfer
CONFPP07                                Single Screen Entry: Inclusion of User-Defined Subscreens
CONFPS01                                PS confirmation: Determine customer specific default values
CONFPS02                                PS confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1
CONFPS03                                PS confirmation: Customer specific check after op. selection
CONFPS04                                PS confirmation: Customer specific input checks 2
CONFPS05                                PS confirmation: Customer specific enhancements when saving
CONF0001                                Enhancements in order confirmation
CONFPI01                                Process order conf.: Calculate cust.specific default values
CONFPI02                                Process order confirmation: Customer spec. input checks 1
CONFPI03                                Process order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selection
CONFPI04                                Process order conf.: Customer specific input checks 2
CONFPI05                                Process order conf.: Cust. spec. enhancements when saving
CONFPI06                                Process order confirmation: Actual data transfer
CONFPM01                                PM/SM order conf.: Determine cust. specific default values
CONFPM02                                PM/SM order confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1
CONFPM03                                PM/SM order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selection
CONFPM04                                PM/SM order conf.: Customer specific input check 2
CONFPM05                                PM/SM order conf.: Cust. specific enhancements when saving

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