Need help resizing photos - confused as to why this isn't working

Hi - I have a customer looking for photos to be 1024x683 and 360x240.  I sized my artboard in Illustrator to those dimensions, dropped in the photo and resized it to fit.  Saved file.  When running cursor over file name - blip comes up and says file size dimensions are 1504 x919 for example (they're all different) and these are examples on the ones that I sized for 360x240.  If anyone can respond that would be great as I'm supposed to have about 100 files out overnight tonight!  Thanks!...h


You can use save for web, just don't forget to turn on clip to Artboard. Otherwise items off the artboard would make your document larger. An artboard not filled short of the EXACT edges, would also make your document smaller.
If you need a different format, use export but check use arboards there and then choose screen resolution.
Mylenium wrote:
AI thinks in inch and the default DPI setting for any new document is 300 DPI.
I cannot find that be true.