Name and city not defined in FB60 for one time account

Hello Guru's ,
We are on SAP ECC 6.0 and I have defined a one time vendor in the standard account group CPD One-time vend.(
In the screen layout for that account group I have the address details for name1 and postal code, city defined as optional entry. In the master data of the one time vendor I have however created an address so the address details like Name1 and City are filled.
When I use MIRO for creating an invoice the address details are filled for the one time vendor, but when I use FB60 it prompts the following message: 'Enter a name and city for one time postings'.
Why are the address details not filled in transaction FB60 while the have been filled in MIRO ? And why can I not post the Invoice as I have defined the name and address as optional entry in OBD3 ?
Thanks as ever for your reply's


Yes I understand that. The problem is however that we have invoice scanning and when the invoice is scanned it comes into the rework fase where we enter the one Time vendor. In a normal situation the invoice wille be created and parked (status completion) after which AP clerks can either enter a Purchase order or not. With the One Time vendor I don't get an invoice document as it prompting for the Name and City. Becaue of that I entered the name and city in the vendor master data and set them to optional in OBD3. Nonetheless it still gives me the error. Also in transaction FB60. So if it doesn't work with making fields optional in the vndor accoutn group and entering the requested data in the vendor master data I probably must set the error message some where into a waring ? Funny thing is that it does work for the MIRO transaction as I am not getting the error there.
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