N91 music subscription

as far as i understand the N91 is fully supportive of windows "janus" DRM which incorperates purchased and subscription based music download services, however when i plug it into my computer as a music device, napster does not recognise it and wont let me transfer my napster2go tracks.
ive tried asking napster for help but they say its not on their list of supported devices (which is about 3 months out of date anyway) and im just getting automated replies asking me to check if my player needs a firmware upgrade and to check their compatibility list, basically their refusing to take any responsibility so i have to look to nokia.
should the N91 work with music subscription services?, why dosent it? and when will it be fixed?
thanks for your help


The N91 does not (yet) support Windows Media DRM, but just unprotected Windows Media Audio (WMA).