N73 No certificates & unable to install java apps

If I select /tools/settings/security/certif. management I get nothing, just a time bar that says "processing" and nothing else.
Does anyone know why?
I also have problems trying to install a java application. I think is related to the above issue, but not sure yet. At about 90% of the progress it fails with message "unable to install".
How can I get more debug information?
Nokia N73
V 3.0638.0.0.1


mwirigi wrote:
My Nokia E63-1 (100.21.110) UK , East Africa is unable to install Java applications, Opera Mini from various sources, the opera website , getjar and other sites just doesnt install. Nimbuzz .sisx version installed perfectly and so did Google Maps Symbian version, but their Java versions could not. I've set my Installation setting to all and disabled the online certificate check. With ALL Java apps what happens is it begins the process them abruptly disconnects the internet connection. I've tried using both local carriers, so its not the network, symbian apps work just fine, I installed and use Joikuspot, but the lack of Opera Mini is really bad for me. Please help
You could try reseting your device;
Reformat - Type *#7370# and the phone's lock code (Nokia default lock code is 12345). Warning! This reset wipes your C drive/phone memory! Also, on Symbian^3 devices mass memory gets wiped too.
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