N73 and windows media player driver

hi everyone,
im having a problem installing the windows media player driver off the disc for the n73 it installs everything else but fails to install that anyone know where i can down load a copy.?
ive got:
pc suite 6.83
windows xp service pack 2
windows media player 11


I have the latest version of Windows Media Player 11. I have the same problem and will try to explain the steps in the best way I can.
I connect the N73 to the laptop using a cable
I select media player and press ok twice.
Found New Hardware box appears and tells me "Windows needs to install driver software for your N73.
I select the recommended option "Locate and install driver software"
After a few moments I am then asked to insert the CD that came with the N73. It doesn't work as it is an old CD with old drivers from last year.
I select I don't have CD option and I get "problems and reports caused by mobile phone" message etc.
I have tried installing the latest CA-52 driver but I cannot install since I have the latest PC Suite. Windows Media Player is also set up to automatically download licenses required to play and synchronised tracks.