My stupid applet wont load :-(

hi! i made an applet for my java class and it's this funny game! :-O What's weird is when i "run applet" in the textpad program it loads up fine, but when i am outside of textpad and just try and open the html page in the program's folder the applet never loads! :-O
So i tried it in netscape too and i get a grey squar that just says "loading applet..." but nothing ever loads! :-(
in explorer i just get a grey square. below is my code. Did i do something wrong?
Somebody please help my stupid brains!
<applet code = Balloony! width = 400 height = 300>
</html>thanks and I love you all :-*


holy crap! i just loaded in netscape and it works
what the f yo?
When you installed java it would have associated itself with an internet browser eg. netscape or internet explorer In your case it looks as if you only associated it with netscape and not internet explorer. If you want it to work with internet explorer as well you will probably have to reinstall java and select that option when it asks you.