My Muse file won't open: "This Adobe Muse site file requires a newer version of Adobe Muse. Please update to the latest version."

My final project for this quarter in a web design class is due in less than a week. And suddenly, after months of working with this exact file, it won't open. I'm trying to open it in CC (newest version of Muse) at school. At home, I downloaded a trial version of it. I would think the trial version would be the absolute newest version..and even if it wasn't, why can't the even newer version open it? PLEASE help me. And, what do I do if my trial version has expired (I'm not home right now, so I can't check..) and I can't open it to fix it (if that's what I needed to do..)?
Note: at school we have CC, always updated. At home I have CS6, but downloaded a trial version of Muse. So, I would think the trial version would be the newest and CC not CS6. I don't know, though!
Note: is there a way to extend my trial version for, like, an hour, to retrieve this file? It would absolutely suck if I can't get it back now. I've spent a long time on this.


Could you please send me the muse file to [email protected] along with a link to this thread. If they're larger than 20Mb you can use a service like Adobe SendNow, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.
so that I may check and help in getting this resolved?