My ipod nano's click wheel randomly moves!

Since I updated my ipod nano last night, after about a minute of it being turned on, the click wheel starts not to respond to my actions and randomly moves, this problem occurs on many menu's such as volume, selecting songs to listen to, games, and many more. I have tried resetting it, getting rid of the songs i added to it last night, recharging the battery, but with no luck. Please help; as I’m worried it could be a virus!
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Is the Hold button on or off?
Since resetting was a temporary fix, go to the Apple store. The staff there will let you know if you need a replacement or not as the iPod Nano is still under warranty.

Why won't iPod 4th Generation Click Wheel 40gb (non-photo)  charge?

I have an old but much-loved iPod 4th Generation Click Wheel 40gb (non-photo model) that I keep on a charging dock. Yesterday the screen went blank and it refuses to charge, so I assume the battery is dead.  Can anyone tell me if that's the reason? 

Is there a way to make Ipod Nano 6 think that a movie is Music Video?

Is there a way to make Ipod Nano 6 think that a movie is Music Video? That is all I want to know. I can program so if I need to go into terminal, I'm fine...If there is, I'm sure that it doesn't involve Pages (for Mac OS X), the topic in this communi

-I restored my ipod nano but the wheel will not work now how do i fix it

Please help i restored my ipod nano and now my wheel will not let me pick songs rasie or lower the volume or even turn it off how do i fix this prob and can it be fixed its a ipod nano gen 4 or 5 i cant remember please helpDoes this video play okay i

IPod 4th Gen Click Wheel replaced hard drive; problems

Ok, So I replaced the 20gb hard drive with a new EXACT replacement hard drive, no other problems with iPod. But iTunes will not recognize it because the hard drive is not formatted. I tried formating it with Disk Utility but keep getting error messag

2G iPod Nano Stops Playing at Random

My wife's 2nd Gen nano (4 GB pink in case it matters) stops playing after a few songs. The number of songs is not consistent. And it doesn't matter how the songs are selected (playlist, genre, artist, etc). I've done the five R's already and that has

I spilt some Pop on my ipod, now the click wheel isn't responding.

The Title says the just of it. Any suggestions, other than sending it in? Please, I need some help.Menu? Are you talking about an iPod Shuffle?Read other 2 answers

IPod Nano 2g buttons/wheel just stopped working

Out of nowhere. I had it plugged into my computer to charge, then ejected it so I could listen to it in bed while charging. I've done it many times before but it's never crapped out on me like this before. I've tried messing with the hold switch but

Ipod 20 gb click wheel

It use to work fine, but now it doesn't work. It had that folder thing pop up but then i reset it so the main screen comes up. Then I connect it to my laptop and the updater and itunes do not work and freeze. I cannot update my ipodIts a way of getti

Should I restore my iPod nano 2nd gen?; click wheel is unresponsive.

My iPod connects to iTunes perfectly fine, and when disconnected from iTunes, the hold switch turns the screen light on and I can see the menu. However, when I try to actually use the iPod with the click wheel, it does not work at all. Would restorin

Nano Click Wheel!

All excited about having my first every Apple product I was dismayed to find that on the second day of owning my Nano the click wheel has decided to stop working. All the buttons appear to work but I cannot scroll up and down in the menu function. Ha

Can you play movies on ipod nano?

Hey I am I was wondering if we could use your ipod nano to watch and buy movies on itunes? ThanksHey I am I was wondering if we could use your ipod nano to watch and buy movies on itunes? Thanks NO.Read other 2 answers

Ipod nano 3rd gen. freezez up randomly

My ipod nano 3rd gen. freezes randomly then fixes itself but now it wont show up on itunes when it is plugged unto the computer. it has done this twice now. I need to know how to fix this problem.HELP??????i have a ipod nano (2nd gen) and i just went

IPod click wheel won't take any files

I have an iPod with a click wheel, and have had many problems with it. When I first got it I loaded my music on it from my Dell PC. I have had many problems since, and currently I cannot get it to retain any files transferred from my G5 iMac. When I

1GB iPod Nano worry/problem

Hey all, I just got the new 1GB iPod Nano the other day and was very delighted. I was pressing the select button and I noticed something weird. It didn't go all the way down and it felt unclickable (I'm not refering to the "click" sound). Or it

I want a glass case with protection of click wheel -- plesae help? (80 gig)

I purchased the belkin case, which I LOVE, but it's made for the 60gig and it's a pain in the arse to take on and off. I also love it because it has a plastic covering that goes over the click wheel, making NO part of the ipod exposed. Is there a cas

HT1386 IPod Nano syncing to new MacBook Air

Can I sync my iPod nano, which was previously connected to my PC, to my new MacBook Air?  If so, how?  Though I've downloaded the latest ITunes software, there is no option to sync with my IPod.  My device isn't even listed.There certainly is an ipod

My ipod nano click wheel will not work - Ipod works when docked on mobile speakers from remote control

My ipos Nano click wheel will not work, however when it is docked on mobile speakers it will work from the remote control.If it continues to malfunction after a restore, it's probably bad hardware. I'd recommend making a Genius Bar appointment. They'

IPod nano click wheel is crooked...

So I just bought a silver ipod nano 5g today, and it's great. But when I opened the case, I noticed that the click wheel is not lined up correctly. There is a small space between the outer part of the wheel and the body on the left side. The wheel it

Please Help ASAP my Ipod nano click wheel does not work

My Ipod Nano 16 GB click wheel does not work.  I have reset it and plugged it in to restore it.  It only works on the dock with a remote.  I no longer have the warranty.  Any suggestions?If it continues to malfunction after a restore, it's probably b