Music gone, itunes still sees it

Ey guys!
So a week ago I wanted to put some new music on my iPod. It didn't work as the songs stayed gray and didn't want to sync. After I waited like fifteen minutes I gave up, unplugged my iPod and left my PC. When I looked at my iPod, all my music was gone. All my songs and video's where lost. Everything was empty exept my camera roll. So I plugged my iPod in my PC again and I saw this (pictures below). iTunes still says there is 23,4 GB music on it (first picture). all my playlists where intact (second picture) and all my music was still there. but when I clicked on any song, there appeared this grey exclamation mark (Third picture).
As long as iTunes sees my music I'll keep hoping its somewhere on my iPod. Oh and most of the music is still on my pc and in my iTunes library, so maybe I can relocate the songs somehow? just a thought.
I saw problems like this on the internet but no solution, so I'm trying again. Restore a backup is no option, because in the fifteen minutes I waited, he automatically made a backup of my empty iPod.
Greetz, Maarten


Edit: I found somewhere the tip to change the language of the ipod and change it back again. After I did that all my music was back on my ipod, well, kinda, its greyed out and i cant click it.