Multiprovider Query Problem

Hi Gurus,
The scenario is that there are 2 inficubes, one with order data and other with delivery data. The cube with order data has the requested delivery date and the delivery cube has the actual delivery date. The problem is that I have a query on a multiprovider (on top of the 2 cubes). So when I output the query data by the sales order number, the result is fine, but when I drill down on any of the dates mentioned above ( they are free characteristics in the query), the result splits up into 2 records. For Eg.
Sales Order     Req Del Date  Act Del Date  Order Qty  Shipped Qty
12345               03/03/08         -                    5                 -
                               -           06/03/08            -                5
What can I do to get the result in one row?
I will reward points for any help.


This is the behavior of the multiprovider, since the actual goods issue date is not part of the orders cube, then it will create a second record. There are a couple solutions you could get around to this:
1. You could merge the data in one DSO before you actually load it to the data target. To do this, you could update fields you need to the orders ods from the delivery ods.
2. You could create an infoset between the two cubes if you are in 7.0, otherwise, you could create infoset using the underlying ods and create a query from the infoset: performance wise this is not recommended.
3. If you want to solve the issue report level, there is what is called constant selection and you can make the actual goods issue date as a constant selection and you can get one line.
I would recommend the last option,