Multiple background jobs to fill set-up tables in LO

Can we schedule multiple background jobs for filling the same set-up table concurrently - obviously with non-overlapping selections.
ex: one background job for filling order# 1000 to 100,000
     one background job for filling order#100,001 to 200,000
Both jobs running at same time.
Anita S.


Hi Anitha,
Yes we can Schedule Multiple Setup Jobs for the same Application wiht the Diff Ranges of selections.
It is possible and i have tried in our project.
We did a Reload of some doc that were missing in BI.
Did selective deletion of those corrupted data in some Data targetsand filled the Setup tables wiht those selection conditions (in our case 10 diff selection).
We ran this jobs in Background simultaniously when all the jobes finished we have ran the Full Repair Requests of those 10 selections to those respective data targets.
Hope this gives you enough clarity.........!!!
Best Regards,