Multi-Instrument, individual effects

I've create a 16 channel multi-instrument template for one of my software instruments I bought.
I can load and assign up to 16 instruments when using this instrument. ( I know I'm not limited to 16 if I want to layer instruments but I thought I'd keep this question simple).
I've noticed that for every one of those channels that I have a simple reverb and chorus effect I can add.
Instead of those simple reverb and chorus effects, can I assign a AU effect to each one of those 16 channels.
Let's suppose I wanted to use my CamelAudio Phat on channel 2 and Space Designer on channel 7, is that possible in Logic 8 within a multi-instrument setup.
How to do that by either suppling a page number in the Logic Manual or a URL for me to read would be great.


Ahrenshof wrote:
I remember that you recommended this method about a week ago. I wasn't able to understand how how you simultaneously record to different tracks. I have Vdrums going into a 2X2 midisport (keyboard in 2nd port). How exactly do you set up your tracks and edit an EXS24 drumkit so each pad/trigger records to a separate track?
yes, I use separate tracks and I use EXS24 a lot for drum programming...
But if you use Vdrum... I never used it, but I suppose that is similar to BFD2 or EZdrummer...
in that case there is no way... you must use MultiOut and Auxiliary outs for separate the tracks... (when I use EZdrummer or BFD2 I prefer to use his internal Mix... but I don't use this kind of plugs for the full drumset... or I bounce the parts as Audio tracks)
The problem is just to know how Logic works with Aux track...
it works by using a second internal buffer at 32bit floating point...
this buffer is locate in the "buffer processing"... and can be set as small,medium,or Large... in any case this buffer add Latency... and when you use Aux + PDC set to ALL this is what happen to All the audio tracks and MIDI incoming events... Latency will be doubled or more (depend which plugs are in the AUX)!
if you dont use PDC set to ALL ALL AUX of the multiOut instruments will be delayed!
If you use "step by step" programmin is not a problem... but for Live recording (I play drums in live mode on my Keyboard) is a disaster!
I'm talking about this live drums recording:
this internal buffer is a great advantage for Dynamic range and Headroom... (you have virtually 32bit floating point X2 resolution = over than 64bit)
but... that can be also a disadvantage...
this buffer does not exist un Cubase or other DAWs... (that's why there is no problem with multiuotput instruments)
this is one of the difference thinking between Logic and other DAWs..
Usually I said "don't force Logic to works as Cubase... because they are different!!"
I hope this helps...
if you have doubt feel free to ask!