MSI K8N NEO PLATINUM (RAM/HD problem/mobo problem?) [SOLVED]

my setup:
windows xp pro sp2
amd athlon 64 3200+
msi k8n neo plat - 7030 - bios 2.1
x800 xt vid
sound blaster audigy 2
kingston valueram pc3200 2x512 cas 3-3-3-8
ps = antec 430 watt truepower power supply (20 A on 12V)
I dont know if you guys remember my but i created a topic on here a while back about how my keyboard and mouse suddenly stopped working, well that turned out to be that the msi k8n neo platinum just went bad. So i RMA'd it and recently got the replacement board (with latest bios already installed). It worked completely fine for about a day. Well that same day i got it back, i installed a Logitech G7 USB wireless mouse. after i installed it, i began getting numerous windows stop blue screen errrors, even after i removed the mouse from control panel. So i figured i should format because to rule out everything and start fresh. So i did a FULL format and attempted the reinstall windows again. AFTER the format and BEFORE windows attempted the continue installation, i got the same stop error. I figured now this was a hardware problem. So first i tested RAM. I got the latest version of memtest86 and let it run for 4 hours (11 passes) with NO errors at all. Secondly, i got a western digital hard drive diagnostic program to test for failing hard drive and again no problems with that. I still suspected ram so i tried to boot with only 1 stick installed (in first slot), however the PC didnt boot at all (cleared cmos too). So i moved it to the second slot and cleared cmos again and this time it posted but it just hangs at a cursor and does nothing, same thing happened with third slot. I tried this same procedure clearning cmos each time with the second ram stick and got the SAME results. Shouldnt the motherboard boot with only 1 ram stick installed? Did MSI RMA me another bad board? Any help would be appreciated. thanks.


Quote from: russellmrgn on 28-March-06, 10:54:39
Can you give us what the D-Bracket was showing ie
As an example this means "Initializing Keyboard Controller"
You will find this information in the manual page 2-23. (On mine) under Hardware Setup
Also can you please do all your tests with the ps2 keyboard and mouse and for now leave your Logitech G7 USB wireless mouse to one side.
for two sticks of ram = RR
for one stick of ram = GR
as for the g7, it hasnt been plugged in at all, i took it out long ago.. as for the ram, the timing was set to 2T, no overclocking, i will try 2.7 v and let you know, but for the record, it has been running at normal voltage settings for about a year perfectly fine.