MS Active Directory 2008 as UME datasource for AS Java

We are running SAP EP on top of a SAP AS Java using LDAP certification, so users
from MS Active Directory 2003 domain are trusted by the Portal
I've now a problem with the version upgrade of MS Active Directory from 2003 to 2008,
it seems only SAP AS ABAP supports MS AD 2008, and our instance is JAVA only
Note 983808 - "Certified LDAP servers" also confirm this
Do you know if AD 2008 is supported, if any note has been released about this and
any document to help me wiith this issue?
thanks in advance!


Hi Patrick, thanks for the answer
I checked the note and it refers about Windows 2008 and a scenario with SSO, that's not our case.
We just have AD as a LDAP UME datasource, users must still pass user and password which
is then checked and then login is authorized
you mentioned AD 2008 is supported for Netweaver AS Java, could you send me any document
or note with procedures or anything for configuring it ?
kind regards,

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