Missing PDF pluggin

It's extremely frustrating that my wife's $300 note book has no problems opening pdfs online. My $3,000 mac can't after spending 5 f***king hours open pdf from the Internet. After trying to download again and again the pluggins from adobe, I'm not any closer to my goal. Does anyone have a solution, something I can try, or should I just pack up this mac and throw it in the garbage.
Thank you


Thanks for the info every one. I'm running a brand new mac pro  with an updated 10.6.8. Was trying to open a PDF with the latest adobe reader.
Adobe Reader X (10.1)
I call apple tech support and after 45 min we still couldn't open the pdf. He told me since the problem was in safari and firefox, it was an adobe problem could not help me any farther. He also told me one of his macs had the same problem but he didn't know how to fix it. So that was it. I spent 2k and can't open a simple pdf. It's been a little over thirty days and couldn't get my money back.
I called my friend who also owns a mac and talks highly of them and had him tried to open the same pdf. He had the same problem on his mac. Unbelievable.
I finally found  a sollution after almost throwing my mac out the window.  It was simple. Just don't use fire fox or safari. Just use google crome and voila, no more problems.
No plug-ins or anything else. I deleted all the f***king adobe, safari and firefox bs. Crome works great so far.
Again thanks for all the help and for all of you have the same problem here's the fix
http://www.google.com/chrome/?brand=CHKB&utm_campaign=en&utm_source=en-ha-aunz-c t&utm_medium=ha