Mini SAP 6.2: Executing First BSP Page

Hi All,
I am trying to execute the first BSP in Mini SAP 6.2. Getting the following error : Business server PAGE (BSP) error BSP exception: The URL does not contain complete Domainangabe. Even i tried to configure domain using Tcode RZ10, INSTANCE PRofile. I selected the Radio buttong Extended maintenance. THere also i am getting another error (Server p72367_BSP_00 is not active - action cannot be executed). Could any please tell me how to configure the FQDN. I already gone thro "BSP In-Depth: Fully Qualified Domain Names". But i couldnt solve the problem.
Thanks in advnce.
Raja T


Steps to follow for configuration
1) Transaction SMICM
2) Goto Parameters --> Display
There should be a parameter icm/host_name_full with value as <>  not just <saphost>
That is ,the url should be specified as Protocol>://<Hostname>.<Domain>.<Extension> :<Port>/
If it is not there and host name is just <server name> then do following:
Transaction RZ10
a) View profiles ,if no profile then press Import .
This will generate the profiles available (5 profiles), namely :
1)Default profile
2) Instance profiles
3)Start profiles
In instance profile of sap system (SID>_<INSTNAME>_<hostname>)
in Extended maintenance option,
b)Copy Profile to new Version
c) Create a new Parameter in the profile.
Select the icm/host_name_full in the parameter name and put the value <servername.domain.extension>
d) Save parameter and the profile and then Activate .This will create a new version of the profile.
e ) Then restart ICM.
Profile creation requires Admin rights for user for profile to be generated correctly.