Merge of Sales Offices?

There are 2 comp's running in SAP. Now both are merged.
for this, they want to use one office as consolidated ( so far, they r using 2 sales offices in different comp codes, after merge sales office will be common for both, then as per their req, client wants to have only one sales office for both)
these sales offices maintianed in all Customer master data of both the comp's.
now if they want to consolidate we have to update all the CMR with one Sales office?
can we use BDC for this? or MASS usage?
Please let me know the table name for condition records where it will store?( they maintained some records specific to sales office, i have to find out how many condtion records exist for sales office specific)
Can any one have idea?
plz ,


Here are some tables list, however i didn't quite get your requirement clearly. Condition record, do you mean pricing condition reconrds...
Just to be on safer side i am posting all relevant which came to my mind at this time.
Customer master data
KNA1          Customer master
KNB1          Customer / company
KNVV          Customer sales data
KNBK          Bank details
KNVH          Customer hierarchy
KNVP          Customer partners
KNVS          Shipment data for customer
KNVK          Contact persons
KNVI          Customer master tax indicator
TVKO          Sales organisation / company code
TVTW          Distribution channel
TVBUR          Sales office
TVKBT          Sales office text
TVKGR          Sales group
TVGRT          Sales group text
T171T          Sales district text
TVKBZ          Sales office to sales area
TVBVK          Sales group to sales office
Pricing :
KONH          Conditions header
KONP          Conditions items
KONV          Procedure ( billing doc or sales order)
Hope it helps